Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Review: Perfect Machine at a Great Price

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

If you’re just getting into serious home brewing, then you might be looking for simple, entry level grinder that will get you up and running without a lot of fuss.

What you want then is an easy to use electric grinder that can produce all the popular grind types, and that will leave you with enough money to feed it some good quality beans.

The Capresso Infinity burr grinder covers all of this and more, and does so with good quality core components at an entry level price.

It’s a quiet running, conical burr grinder, that offers a wide enough range of grind settings to cover espresso to French press brewing.

They’ve put it together with a stripped down design without sacrificing the quality of the burrs and motors, and this makes it one of the most affordable and best performing electric grinders in its price range.

With a range of finishes and a small countertop profile, this machine is positioned to fit into anyone’s kitchen, and it makes a great entry point for anyone looking to step up their coffee game.


Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder Review

Capresso Infinity Grinder is one of the best burr coffee grinder available in the market. So in this Capresso Infinity burr grinder review, let’s take a look at how this product stands up.


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Performance 9.5
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Durability 9.0
Warranty & Support 9.5
Price 10


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Main Features of Capresso Coffee Grinder

In some ways, the main feature of this grinder is its high-quality combined with a lack of features.

Even with its simple design however, the Capresso Infinity coffee grinder packs in enough to cover the things a coffee lover needs.


1. Capresso Burr Grinder Settings

Capresso Coffee Machine

The grind range is a huge part of what makes or breaks a coffee grinder, but is more options always better? With only 16 different grind settings, this capresso coffee maker doesn’t sound like it offers the same range as more expensive machines.

That’s partly true, but the range it does have covers everything from coarse French press grinds, past the finer espresso grinds, right up to the ultrafine powder needed for Turkish coffee.

Additionally, each grind setting has four levels, extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse.

This significantly extends the grinders ability to optimize the grind to individual taste and the specifics of different brewing machines.


2. Commercial-Grade Burrs in Capresso Infinity Grinder

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

The burrs are the most important part that comes into contact with the coffee beans, and they play a huge role in determining the longevity of the capresso espresso machine.

With the Infinity conical burr grinder, Capresso has gone with commercial-grade stainless steel burrs.

These are precision made burrs, apparently hand assembled, that are cut to only 0.1mm of tolerance ensuring that they mesh together with enough accuracy to produce consistent grinds.

The stainless steel material means that they are extremely durable, and won’t react to the acidity of the coffee beans.


3. Gear Reduction Motor

Capresso Conical Burr Grinder

For this Infinity coffee grinder, Capresso put all the emphasis into the internal components, and part of that was matching the right burrs to the right motor.

In this case, they’ve paired a low watt motor that works at less than 450 RPMs with their commercial grade burrs.

That lower power and speed actually works to several advantages.

While it makes for longer grind times, the slower speeds produce a lot less heat and friction and by keeping the oils in the coffee beans from being burned off, the coffee will retain its flavor and aroma after the grind.

The other big plus is that it results in a very quiet machine.

It’s reported to operate at around 85db, meaning that you won’t wake your family in the morning when making a cup of coffee.


4. Capresso Burr Grinder’s Timed Dosing Feature

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Review

Getting a great cup of coffee takes both the right grind size and the right grind amount, plus if you’re not over grinding, you’ll be keeping your beans at their freshest longer.

To help manage dosing, this capresso coffee machine uses a simple timer that runs from between 5 to 60 seconds.

It’s not as advanced as some machines out there, but is definitely a step up from machines where you have to keep your finger on the grind button.

In a short time it’s possible to learn the optimal times for all your favorite coffee types, and then it is as easy as dialing in the right number and standing back to wait.


5. Simple Elegant Design of Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

Capresso Espresso Machine

This is a simple and smart looking machine that can fit easily into any kitchen.

At a little over 10x7x5 inches, it has a very small countertop footprint, and comes in a range of finishes to match any kitchen style.

Its simplicity also extends to the controls.

Set the grind type, time, and it’s ready to go.

That ease of use is a huge advantage if you really need that first cup of coffee in the morning to get your brain going.


Pros and Cons

Any electric burr grinder in this price range is going to be making some tradeoffs in order to be keeping the price down.

Making the right choice comes down to weighing the things you really want against any negatives.

What I Like
  • Great price
  • Reasonable espresso grinds for people just getting into coffee
  • Easy to use
  • Parts are accessible and easy to clean
  • High-quality burrs
  • Very quiet operation
  • Low static production
  • Setting produce consistent results
  • Slow motor speed doesn’t damage the beans
  • Small countertop footprint
  • Good grinding range
What I Don’t Like
  • Grounds container vibrates and moves outwards
  • Grinds can build up in the machine
  • Bean hopper is a bit fragile
  • Have to turn the machine upside to empty out all the beans if you want to switch coffee
  • Not consistent enough for serious espresso and French press connoisseurs


Why to choose Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso Coffee Maker

In a word, the main reason to choose this capresso coffee machine is the price.

Without ignoring quality, Capresso has made that the most attractive feature of this capresso coffee burr grinder, and part of being able to do that was stripping away a lot of options that more expensive machines offer.

What they managed to do in the process, however, was make the simplicity of operation a real virtue of the machine.

Not everyone is looking for the maximum range of customizable options and intelligent controls, and what this grinder offers is a machine that can be easily configured to produce a coffee grind that ranges from passable to excellent depending on the grind you’re looking for.

The reality is that no matter how many grind settings are offered, most people will only use a handful, the important part with the Infinity grinder is that it has the right grind settings to cover what you need.

The combination of commercial-grade burrs, and low RPM motor make for excellent grinds with pour over and drip coffee makers, and while the espresso grind won’t blow anyone away, most people using this capresso espresso maker find it good enough.

Keeping it simple also means that the machine is easy to clean and maintain, and combined with the parts they’ve used also means that it is capable of lasting a long time.

The bottom line is that the Capresso Infinity conical burr grinder offers excellent value for money, and wide enough range of options to make it an excellent entry point for anyone just starting to get into specialty coffee.


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The Final Verdict

Capresso Burr Grinder

Like any good product that tries to be available at an affordable price, this capresso espresso machine accepts certain limitations while emphasizing other advantages.

One way to look at it is that this is a perfect home grinder for the average person interested in specialty coffee.

Besides the price, it has reasonably good grind consistency, and works very well with coffee brewing methods needing mid-range fineness.

It is also an extremely unobtrusive machine with its small size and quiet operation. The other way to look at it is that this is a good grinder for someone who doesn’t know any better.

The finest setting often feels like there is some grit in it, and the coarsest setting has some finer particles mixed in. This is in part due to the lower powered motor.

That motor does have the advantage of not damaging the beans with heat, but its slower speeds and torque result in longer spin up and down times which take away from the consistency of the grinds.

If the extreme ends of the grinding range really matter to you, then this may not be the best choice.

Overall it does a few things really well, and that it is big accomplishment for an electric burr grinder at this price.

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder Review


You’ll get excellent grinds for drip or pour over coffee, and if you’re matching it to an espresso maker in a similar quality range, you’ll get a decent cup of coffee out of it.

The housing materials and hopper design are somewhat of a drawback.

It’s not as easy as it could be to switch beans out of the grinder, and the wandering grounds container can be annoying with longer grinds.

It also definitely requires regular cleaning, and the amount of grinds left around the burrs and in the chute can be a little alarming.

It means that there’s a lot of coffee getting wasted, and going stale if it is not cleaned out regularly.

Nevertheless, it comes as a highly recommended coffee machine with many people reporting that they got a lot of use of it with little hassle.

This capresso coffee maker can be summarized as a reliable, average performing machine, and one that comes at an excellent price.


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Capresso Coffee Grinder (560) was reviewed by Tim Forman on July 29, 2018.

*Disclaimer: Our Capresso Infinity burr grinder review is based mostly on our expertise and the experts we consulted with and the information provided by the manufacturers. We do test many products, but it’s not possible to test them all. As such, please remember the above recommendations are our opinions, and before using any product, please check manufacturer’s website for more information.

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