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Want to talk coffee?

Want to talk coffee?

If you want to talk about coffee, then I want to speak to you.

There’s a huge network of coffee lovers out there who all have great tips and advice. Maybe you’re one of them and have some great suggestions for a coffee grinders to review, or have some tips or tricks you want to share with others out there.

Maybe your coffee obsession is just starting, and you have some questions you want to be answered. Or maybe you just have a story or experience you want to share about a particular coffee grinder, or coffee making experience. Whatever it may be, don’t be shy.

I personally read every email and take the time to address as many of the questions as possible. Sometimes I’ll get back to you directly, and sometimes it will inspire whole new posts tackling important issues that come up.

You can also take the time to let me know what you do in the world of coffee, and we can see if there’s some way to share that with the readers here.

Just drop me an email at contact @, and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

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