Rancilio Rocky HSD-ROC-SD Doserless Coffee Grinder Review: Unbeatable beast

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

True coffee connoisseurs know that one should never skimp on the grinder, it’s just not worth it.

Here is a coffee grinder that will prove to you once and for all that Italians can build durable and undeniable quality to last for years to come while delivering the same great result time and time again.

Meet the renowned Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder. The Rancilio grinder has been rocking the world of make-it-at-home espresso grinders for some time now. Coffee fans can’t praise it enough.

It is a well-built, good-looking, hardworking addition to your kitchen. This coffee maker will work for every penny you’ve invested in it, never letting you down on the ground.

To experience a true taste of espresso one has to go up the price ladder. This is a long-term investment which you will see as wise with the first cup of self-ground, home-based or office-made coffee you’ll produce.

Nothing quite compares to the pleasure of being able to relax with your favorite drink in the peace and comfort of your own surroundings, without the need to wait in a queue or shouting out your drink of choice to the exhausted barista.

Be your own barista. Double espresso, please! Coming!

Feel the nice chill of the machine, click and clack… Tender excitement causes the sides of your jaws to tingle with bittersweet anticipation. Satisfaction guaranteed by all experts.


Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder Review

Rancilio Coffee Grinder is one of the best conical burr coffee grinder available in the market. So in this Rocky Grinder review, let’s take a look at how this product stands up.


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Performance 9.5
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Durability 10
Warranty & Support 9.5
Price 9.5


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Main Features of Rancilio Rocky Burr Coffee Grinder

Rancilio is one of the most recognized names among grinders and espresso machines of commercial quality. This particular one is said to give its user even better control than its predecessors over the grinding process.


1. Appearance

Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder Review

The area where Rancilio grinders truly shine is, in fact, the construction & durability. It is built like a tank. It is made to work and last. Unbeatable beast in disguise.

Many users state that it is heavy, tough and rugged, going as far as saying that this will be the last grinder you’ll ever have to buy. People testify that they’ve used this machine day in day out for 10 and even 15 years, and it is still going strong.

After a simple math calculation, it turns out to be only a $20 yearly investment, which totally justifies the initial price you have to pay to get this grinder.

It has an appealing shape, too. I might even take a step further and call it stylish.


2. Performance of Rocky Doserless Grinder

Rancilio Grinder Review

This grinder has the outstanding ability to regularly deliver terrific results.

A whole bunch of new words non-existing in the regular lexicon would need to be invented to describe the outburst of positive emotions and flow of superlatives coming out of people when they talk about the work of this little giant.

Its 55 available settings allow for a superb, consistent grind, unmatched by any other machine out there. It is the exact grind a perfect espresso needs.

The grinder can be accurately and quickly adjusted to one of the settings by pushing down the release lever and turning the bean hopper. The change from coarse to fine is easy and can be done in a flash. Extractions of the most meticulous barista can be fine-tuned to perfection on this machine.

There are two types of this grinder: with doser or without a doser. Some experts say it is better without while others disagree, so it’s up to you what to go with. They’re both worth it.


3. Ease of Use

Rancilio Rocky Grinder Setting

Once you pass the perhaps somewhat rocky initial learning curve of handling this apparatus, it becomes a piece of cake to use it.

Since the chance for it to be your first grinder ever is slim, you will most probably be able to handle this mill on an almost intuitive level, after thoroughly reading the instruction of course.

The lower metal hoop is excellent for holding a portafilter during the grinding, and it can be simply removed with a single tug, allowing you to grind into a bag, filter or a press pot.

Depending on the version of the grinder, whether it is doseless or not, the power switch and the grind switch will be separated. It is so for the doseless one. That detail adds to the convenience-of-use factor.

The grind switch is placed conveniently on the front, and although it is only a minor detail, sometimes precisely these make all the difference.


4. Mighty Motor

Rocky Espresso Grinder Review

The motor of this machine is simply legendary; there is no other way to put it. It is the exact same motor that the company uses in their commercial md 40 grinder. It is a heavy duty, super-powerful 166 watts direct drive motor.

In this case, connecting the heaviness of the grinder with its quality totally ties in. In addition to giving high power, it allows for a cool and quiet operation.

You might not even need to shut the door to your office when desiring a little treat. You are sure to get a better tasting coffee.

The motor features a safety switch to prevent high-temperature overload. This function is absolutely necessary for taking care of the machine in case that a wandering stone gets caught in the burrs.


5. Big Burrs in Rocky Espresso Grinder

Rancilio Rocky Doser Review

This grinder features no less than 50 mm commercial level grinding burrs.

Can you imagine that in a machine of this size?

Only think about what it can do with your coffee beans… That definitely explains why people are overwhelmed with excitement about the espresso they’re getting from it.

Generally speaking, as a statement to remember, bigger burrs usually mean a better coffee grinder. Sure thing, this is one of the reasons for the higher price. But then, you do get what you wished and paid for.

Since the burrs are actually the part that does the grinding, they are a crucial component for any quality pulverizer. That is to say that 50 mm means nobody is joking around here. These guys mean serious business.

Don’t be surprised if the machine and the burrs have coffee powder on them upon arrival. That only means that the machine had been tested before being sent off from the factory.


Check the video below for the quick preview of the Rancilio Doserless Grinder so you can see it in action…


Pro & Cons of Rancilio Rocky Doserless Burr Grinder

With the rigorous rumors about this coffee grinder being one of the best currently on the market, I am sure we can still find a few downsides if we really look into it. Let’s, then.

What I Like
  • Compact
  • Sturdy
  • Powerful motor
  • Big burrs
  • Long life
  • Reliable
  • Easy to handle
  • Excellent grind
  • Quiet operation
  • Beautiful design
  • Easily grinds up to 12 cups
What I Don’t Like
  • Initial learning curve
  • Might have some trouble with the coarse grind
  • Grind gets stuck inside
  • The hopper gets jammed
  • Whole beans get stuck in screw holes
  • Struggles with dark beans


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Why to Choose Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

Rocky Grinder Review

This is an easy question to answer. Anybody who chooses to buy this grinder over others does so because of its unbeatable quality and superiority.

It is proclaimed by every expert and user to be absolutely above anything else offered on the market for the same price. It is the absolute king of its price-range castle.

Even though some beans do get stubbornly stuck and, in fact, quite regularly, these are all minor troubles which we can all live with; and when I say live I mean to happily enjoy our superb quality coffees, espresso more so than the French press, perhaps.

It is a lot. Most machines struggle with producing a quality espresso, and here, this is what it does best.

It will look good on anybody’s desk, rugged enough to stay humble, compact, and quite small. Practicality is all what it’s about. It will add style and sophistication to your working environment or home décor.

It is the cheapest machine in the line of grinders that do what it does. This seems to me the absolute punchline reason for buying it.

The motor of this mini-beast is one which will last and work for a long, long time. This is true about the burrs, too. It is a $20 per year investment which amounts to less than 6 cents daily. That is how much you would pay for your everyday, self-made, quality coffee…


Final Verdict

It is indeed a great little machine! Coming from the land of coffee lovers, this Italian creation surpasses anything else on the market within a similar price range.

Rocky Burr Coffee Grinder Review

It appears to be a great article with a powerful motor and large grinding mechanism, to ensure that you get the quality you desire and pay for.

Sometimes, those days, it can be so hard to find something which bears the promise to stay with you for many years to come. The love of a good coffee is undeniably a true one.

And isn’t that what we all long for? A long term relationshipAt least with a coffee grinder.

Once you’ve purchased yours, make sure to read the instructions carefully and attentively. It seems that once you’ve crossed over the initial learning curve, it is a smooth glide.

Read the manual, understand what’s what and where goes. You will be a master-barista in no time. Everybody manages it and so will you. Enjoy your coffee.


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Rancilio Coffee Grinder was reviewed by Tim Forman on March 5, 2019.

*Disclaimer: Our Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder review is based mostly on our expertise and the experts we consulted with and the information provided by the manufacturers. We do test many products, but it’s not possible to test them all. As such, please remember the above recommendations are our opinions, and before using any product, please check manufacturer’s website for more information.


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